The Problem Is All About Him---Me?


These past weeks have been bad ones for campus shootings, killings and other proposed mayhem by “students”. A teenager’s “arsenal” confiscated in one such incident was large enough to arm an entire school. A black-dominated school in Philadelphia became a shooting gallery. We should stop explaining killers on their terms. It's not about guns or culture. It's narcissism, and my life's long odyssey has provided plenty of examples for my inquiring mind.

From the chill dawn outside the Florida prison where serial killer Ted Bundy met his end, to the charred façade of a New York nightclub where Julio Gonzalez incinerated 87 people. On to a muddy Colorado hillside overlooking the Columbine High School where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wrought their own brand of mayhem. Along the way, I've come to believe that we're looking for "why" in all the wrong places.


I've lost interest in the cracks, chips, holes and broken places in the lives of men like Cho Seung-Hui, the mass murderer of Virginia Tech. The pain, grievances and self-pity of mass killers are only symptoms of the real explanation. Those who do those things have one common trait. They are all raging narcissists. "I died--like Jesus Christ," Cho said in a video sent to NBC.

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