Winning GOP Formula for '08


Despite the gloomy prognostications of Hillary’s inevitability as the next heir to the White House, she is no more “invincible” as a candidate than was her husband. And here a reality check is in order. Although the press would have us all believe that Bill Clinton was and is universally adored, attaining a status somewhere between that of a rock star and the savior of humanity, history tells a much different story.

Bill Clinton’s approval ratings, we were incessantly told, hovered somewhere up in the stratosphere during most of his term as president. Yet the truth is that he won in 1992 with barely forty three percent of one of the smallest voter turnouts in almost a century. As the incumbent in 1996, and against an appallingly weak Dole campaign, Bill Clinton was still unable to garner fifty percent of the vote. And again voter turnout was abysmally light.

The Clinton presidency never was the result of a popular swing to the left. Rather, as uninspired as the public was with his self-absorption and perpetual adolescence, it was even less enthused with the possibility of a continuation of the waffling and fence-sitting it had received from the GOP. And unfortunately, the current political landscape is no different.

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