Can Peace Be Provided by Nuclear Weapons?


The tense situation concerning Iran and that country’s attempt at uranium enrichment for possible nuclear weapons manufacture has again focused attention to use of these terrible weapons of mass destruction. American strategies must be upgraded and improved from those of cold war times in order to deal with a volatile, and possibly a nuclear-armed Middle East Comments of world leaders during the last few days have heightened these anxieties.

An American nuclear strategist at The Oak Ridge Center for Advanced Studies in Oak Ridge, Tennessee wrote an article last September that held special interest for me. On our exchange of e-mails later he confirmed to me he had also provided nuclear strategy and targeting information to the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations for "several decades". He also overtly called my concerns with statements and judgments recited in his article as "overwrought and simplistic". The increasing tension in the Middle East, Iran, Pakistan and the recent aggressiveness shown by Russia and China have shown those opinions to be totally wrong.

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