Harry Reid Takes Credit for Limbaugh Auction


In a striking display of cheekiness—or abject chutzpah—Harry Reid has decided to take credit for Rush Limbaugh’s auctioning off the now-infamous Reid letter.  The false-premise letter—which exceeded $2MM on eBay—was written by Reid, signed by 40 Democrat senators and sent to Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays in an attempt to silence conservative Limbaugh; something Democrat leaders have been attempting for decades. 

Reid and his colleagues falsely claimed that Limbaugh had refereed to soldiers who disagree with the Iraq war as “phony soldiers”.  Not so.  In fact, Limbaugh referred to soldiers who were and are phony soldiers and have been prosecuted for their pretense.  Senate Majority leader Reid (D-NV) thought that he could switch the outrage over MoveOn.org’s attempt to portray General Petraeus as a traitor over to Limbaugh.  It didn’t work.  Instead, Limbaugh took the 4-page letter and offered it up as an historical document and testimony to Democrats using Stalinistic and smear tactics in their attempt to silence one of their most listened to and vocal critics.  On Friday, the original letter sold for $2,100,100.00 US—a figure that Limbaugh will match—for the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. Note:  Reid has not said he will give anything to the foundation but, he is now attempting to claim some credit for the auction idea.

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