Lust in the City of Brotherly Love

Excerpt: Or is it more accurately 'Love' in the City of Brotherly Lust?  The city of Philadelphia and its mayor, John Street, are charging the Boy Scouts $200,000 a year to 'rent' the facility they been using for many years for only $1.00.  Because the Scouts feel that having homosexual scout leaders is wrong (and it is), and the city says that if they discriminate against homosexuals scout leaders, then it’s going to cost them $199,000 more than it did last year so that homosexuals can sodomize each other and possibly even the young boy scouts themselves.

A refusal make the Scouts whole by restoring them to their original contract is a great disservice to the tens of thousands of children served by a national institution dedicated to creating good citizens. It is also unconstitutional and possibly unlawful because Philadelphia is changing the terms of their long-standing agreement based on sexual 'behavior', and Philadelphia violating the faith beliefs of the scouts.

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