Call to Action: Harry Reid to Force Amnesty for Illegals on American People


Fresh from both the ire of the American people, with regards to their advising Congress not to pass its Amnesty for Illegals bill, and his attempts to falsely insinuate and include himself as a major player in causing his Letter-to-Limbaugh to sell for over $2MM, Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is at it again.  Despite US citizens telling Reid and his colleagues “No!”, Reid says he will push the Amnesty bill (AKA “The Dream Act”) through the US Senate. 

As yet another example of Reid and the Democrat-run US Congress telling their legal; constituents to go pound sand (or worse) they are overtly telling the American people—in no uncertain terms—that their votes and opinions no longer count for anything.  Reid is also plainly saying that if he doesn’t like the viewpoint of the American electorate he—like the liberal judiciary—will overrule them.

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