The Fiery Truth About California Blazes

Excerpt:  Liberal Democrats really are soulless creatures. This week, they tried to throw gasoline on a politically combustible catastrophe in Southern California. Fortunately, our country was rescued by cool clean facts. Why don't Democrat political leaders have even the slightest regard for the truth? Where is their compassion?While thousands of California families are combing through ashes where their homes once stood, my anger toward the Democrats grows, blowing as hot and hard as the Santa Ana winds that leveled 2,000 homes, stripping so many people of their lives, their possessions and their pets. First to toss a verbal grenade was Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer of California – bemoaning the fact that the fires could not be properly fought because President Bush had so many of our National Guardsman in Iraq fighting that "illegal, immoral, unjust war."

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