Guarding Our God-Given Potential

Excerpt:  Life is full of surprises.Some of the biggest surprises in my life have been how the lives of people I have known through the years have turned out. Maybe, like me, you can think of guys or girls who seemed to have no potential whatsoever. You never expected them to amount to much of anything. Maybe you even made fun of them in school. Then, five or 10 years after graduation, you hear one of these "geeks" is the president of a multi-million dollar software company! Then there were those popular, cream-of-the-crop, most-likely-to-succeed kids whose lives seemed to be brimming over with promise. They had something special, and you just knew they would make their mark in life. Blessed with multiple talents, giftedness and personality, they seemed to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps it was someone who was unusually gifted spiritually. And sure enough, their star began to rise, and you're thinking, "Well, at least I can say I knew them back when."

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