Bad-Girl Culture Goes Chic


Halloween is around the corner and honestly, girls, that rhinestone-studded “I love Rosie O’Donnell” T-shirt should just stay in the closet. Plus this year, prison pink is all the rage.

So show your solidarity with Paris Hilton by wearing a pink-and-black striped prison suit -- complete with jailbird cap. Get some smudged bat-wing eyeliner and become an Amy Winehouse-wannabee. Or help Lindsay Lohan deal with her issues by strutting a black mini-dress emblazoned with “Rehab Reject.”

Kyrra Rankine of New York plans to go trick-or-treating as “bald Britney” this year. “She’s given me too much material to work with. ‘You go girl, work it out!’” exclaims the 30-year-old social worker

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