Next Step Towards USA Dissolution Given Tacit Approval by Feds


Despite the fact that US citizens have repeatedly told both states and federal governments not to do it, illegals are now to be given a huge step towards US citizenship.  Illegals are to be given drivers licenses in New York State.  In a joint Saturday news conference, Democrat NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff were all smiles.  It appears that Congressional Democrats and the pro-illegals Bush administration have found yet another way to bypass We-the-People. 

Although federal law provisions are quoted in order to stop states from enforcing illegal immigration laws (you know—the ‘only the feds have the right to enforce stopping illegals’), now Chertoff is saying that he can (or will) do nothing to stop any US State from issuing drivers licenses to anyone—which essentially make illegals legal.  Apparently, issuing said licenses to illegals, gang-bangers and terrorists is also not an issue for our US government “leaders.”  This way the pro-illegals/pro-North American Union contingents can have their cakes and eat them too! 

US citizens told their Senators and Representatives they didn’t want and wouldn’t accept any illegals’ amnesty bill.  So, our state and federal leaders have apparently decided to avoid passing any laws, in order to bypass the US legal electorate, and just do it!  Note:  It would strongly appear that members of our government have learned a great deal from Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez.  Or, perhaps they were the ones who taught him.

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