Confronting Liberalism's Elusive Causes and Effects


The lights came on across Kansas as the sun set on the evening of October 18, 2007 which is, in the minds of most people, just as it should be. It might therefore be easy to conclude that the decision that day of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to refuse a construction permit for a new coal fired electric power plant was a universally good one, spawning only happiness and positives for everyone, excepting of course those greedy industrialists who wanted to build the plant.

Health and Environment Secretary Roderick Bremby explained that the verdict was based on the “potential for harm to our health and the environment” on the basis that such a project would contribute to “climate change,” which is the latest code phrase for “global warming.”

Over the years, the people of Kansas, as well as the rest of the country, have come to expect that when they flip the light switch, the darkness flees. When they open the faucet, water comes out. And if, on occasion, such things do not occur as expected, a quick call to the public utilities will fix everything in short order. This is still the case in Kansas. So with each passing day, the notion is bolstered that the judgment of the state government was entirely sound.

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