Hefner's Bunny on a Trojan Horse

Excerpt:  Can important lessons still be learned from history and cherished Greek mythology? In 1184 B.C., Sinon, a Greek spy, tricked the Trojan leaders into bringing Ulysses' wooden horse into their walled city. The destruction of Troy, and the enslavement of her women and children, is now legend.But how could the lesson of Troy's costly naiveté apply to our own times? Cast your memory back to 1948 when Alfred Kinsey's Trojan horse of "sexual liberation" and his fraudulent "sexual education" harangued our tolerant, Judeo-Christian walled city. Our rates of STDs, family breakdowns and sexual crimes against women and children reflected those restraining religious beliefs and laws.

By 1953, Hugh Hefner, Kinsey's "pamphleteer" smashed through our city walls with his Playboy bunny, and the "sexual revolution" had begun. Elite professors swiftly took up the new values, recruiting students to the sex and drug revolution. Hefner's smiling Playboy bunny, the modern sexual Trojan horse, would torch our civil society – "no fault" divorce and skyrocketing sexual crime and disease were on the way.

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