Hillary a Dangerous Demogogue

Excerpt:  I knew Hillary Rodham Clinton pretty well, before I read Kathleen Willey's new book, "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton."Yet, I emerge from this experience with far more dread of a second Clinton administration than I thought was possible for me. Like Willey, I have the bruises to show for the experience of eight years dealing with these dangerous demagogues, these Svengalis of American politics, this corrupt-to-the-core scam couple.

What I expected from "Target" was an expanded articulation of the sexual assault the former White House staffer suffered at the hands of the philanderer-in-chief. I certainly got that. But I got much more than I expected.

Willey's book is perhaps the best expose of the personal, moral bankruptcy of both Clintons – one of whom, you may have noticed, is a leading candidate for the presidency in 2008.

What Clinton did to Willey in the Oval Office is shocking. It showed he is a serial sexual predator. It showed he sees women as mere sexual objects. It showed he is some kind of psychotic narcissist. It showed he is immoral. It showed he has no self-control. It showed he has no respect for other human beings nor the office of the presidency. And it showed he is, as Willey put it, capable of just about anything – including rape.

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