Hollywood Writer's Strike is Rush Limbaugh's Fault?

Excerpt:  Hollywood’s Variety is wounded. They are upset that their buddies across the lines of the Hollyweird writer’s strike have written some mean things about them on the Internet and they are just cut to the quick over it all. Aghast, really. So, instead of dealing with this criticism, Variety decided that it’s all Rush Limbaugh’s fault because he has made “modern politics” so “poisonous.” I guess they really are so used to creating their own reality in La La Land that they don’t know their creation from God’s creation!In “Strike fight rages on in a bubble,” Variety complains that this writer’s strike is getting ugly. But, it isn’t because unions are filled with thugs, loudmouths and the uncouth, no it’s because talk radio is filled with a bunch of meanies. I know, this absurd claim makes my head spin in amazement, too. Read More