GOP Pins False Hopes on Hillary Blunders

Excerpt:  The sudden recent flurry of Democrat references to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is no random occurrence. On several occasions in the last few weeks, prominent Democrats have invoked variations of the term “swiftboated” with telling regularity. Referring to them on November 5, Senator and 2004 presidential wannabe John Kerry (D.-MA) claimed that, this time around he will “make certain that people don’t get away with that.” In the wake of Hillary’s disastrous performance at the last month’s debate in Philadelphia, husband Bill rushed in to diffuse criticism of her by the other Democrat candidates on the basis that they were engaged in a “Swift Boat” attack against her. The Democrat plan is as predictable as it is transparent. By continually employing references to the Swift Boat Veterans in a universally derisive sense, they hope to discredit the organization in totality.

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