A horrible Day in the Neighborhood

Excerpt:  OK, you've bought a house and moved into a new neighborhood. Actually, you used to live in this very area, but events caused you to move away, and now you're back. It's a nice, albeit modest, not fancy or highbrow neighborhood, and you're looking forward to really settling in and getting to know your neighbors.But before you've even unpacked, you come to realize that your neighbors don't want you there. When they're unable to keep you from moving in, a violent zealot next door proclaims that he will never accept your presence, no matter what concessions you offer or what friendly overtures you make. Across the street lives a real fanatic, known to make and throw bombs, who declares he hopes your entire extended family moves in – because that "will save us the trouble of going after them wherever they are worldwide."

Just up the block, a rich religious extremist has been buying weapons and providing them to your other neighbors, announcing that your home "must be wiped off the map"; and in his garage, he's believed to be assembling an ominous-looking weapon that he might use to blow your home to smithereens.

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