Hillary: Why the 'Smartest Woman in the World" is a Dim Bulb

Excerpt:  We had a co-president during the Clinton reign who was dubbed "The Smartest Woman in the World." No, it wasn't Bill; although considered intelligent, Bill didn't benefit from the application of that superlative.Truth be known, Hillary Clinton's intellect was always over-estimated. If you want insight into her brainpower, you can ask the Clintons' erstwhile right-hand man Dick Morris. He'll tell you that she could double her I.Q. with one serving of fish. Well, actually, I say that, but he will certainly characterize her in none too flattering terms. But I'll tell you what characterizes her intellect better than most anything else. There has been a lot of talk about how she damaged herself in the last Democrat debate, and her waffling on the subject of driver's licenses for illegal aliens especially stood out. She seemed to be for it; she "understood" it; being asked about it was "gotcha politics"; then, later, she seemed to be ... oh, my head is spinning.

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