Wasted Years, Does that Describe Your Life?

Excerpt: He was a young man who loved God – yet he became a hedonist extraordinaire, a playboy who made Hugh Hefner look like a lightweight. He was highly educated, yet went on unbelievable drinking binges. He was an architectural genius, masterminding the building of incredible structures, and yet chased after women like there was no tomorrow. And he was worth billions. King Solomon lived thousands of years ago, yet the lessons and experiences of his life are as current as tomorrow's newspaper. It was he who coined the phrase, "There's nothing new under the sun."

Solomon became the king of Israel after his father David's death. No one, not even David, had such incredible potential to be a great king. He had a godly heritage from his dad, was given wisdom on a scale that had never been known up to that point and wealth beyond anyone's most fevered imagination. As a result, he had virtually unlimited power to do good.

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