Driver's Licenses for Blind Imams

Excerpt: Drug tests have recently exposed the doping of professional athletes. Marion Jones was stripped of gold medals. Floyd Landis was dethroned as the Tour de France winner. Barry Bonds may have his record wiped from the books if proven guilty. Drug testing forces people to deal with truth. Therefore I believe all presidential candidates should be drug tested. And while the tests may yield results of booze, steroids or marijuana, which would explain the bizarre behaviors we witness on the campaign trail, I am more interested in gender. DNA testing on Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson would determine if in fact Hillary does indeed have two X chromosomes. After Thursday night's debate, I am convinced Bill Richardson is clearly missing the Y.

Hillary came out loaded for bear to repair the self-inflicted wounds suffered on the issue of driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Arrayed in battle gear of an asbestos pantsuit, she used her favorite weapon in fending off the opposition – children. She is for the children and has spent her life defending children. That is, if they survive the first nine months of their vulnerable lives. And she will use a Clinton administration for the children

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