Only Children; Who Cares if the Prez is Pro-Life?

Excerpt:  Memo to conservative pundits and talk show hosts everywhere: All right, so Hillary’s scary, but get a grip, already.For decades now, abortion has been the touchstone issue that has defined Republican presidential primaries. Not only has it been a highly prioritized issue in its own right, but it has served as a reliable indicator of the candidates’ overall conservative credentials. It’s been understood that any politician who supported legal abortion was disrespectful of the Constitution, and therefore was not a legitimate contender for the nomination – until now. Suddenly, under the threat of a Hillary Clinton presidency, terrified pro-life conservatives have been trampling all over each other in a race to declare that right-to-life issues really aren’t relevant to the presidency at all. Sounds like somebody owes Arlen Specter a profuse apology.

It would be one thing if the primaries were already decided, and a pro-abortion candidate had won the GOP nomination. Then, it would be understandable for pragmatic pro-life conservatives to support a pro-abortion Republican who would be vigilant in the War on Terror, over a pro-abortion Democrat who would leave us virtually defenseless. It’s quite another thing for them to nullify the issue before a single primary vote is cast, lest the nomination be decided by any criterion other than perceived winnability.

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