I Am Woman, Hear Me Lead

Excerpt:  There is a great debate raging in America right now, and for once it doesn’t have to do with who should have been voted off “Dancing With the Stars.” (On a side note, shouldn’t a show called “Dancing With the Stars” actually have stars?) The debate is whether we’re ready for a female President. Now that Hillary Clinton is running for President, we may face the possibility of having a woman be the most powerful person in the world. Of course, we had that when her husband was President, but that’s neither here nor there. 

There are those who say we’re ready for a woman to lead because we need a change from the “good old boys network” that controls government. Of course, this point is negated by the fact that many of the same people who say Washington is run by white men keep voting white men into office, thus continuing the problem. And who says America isn’t smart?

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