Whither Goes Virginia?

Excerpt:  The recent (Nov., 2007) state election in Virginia should give pause to all Americans.Northern Virginia (where I live) is a fast-growing megalopolis. We have ever-increasing taxes and County budgets in the Billions. We have lots of illegal aliens and "Sanctuary" cities and Counties. We believe that the rest of the state "takes more from us than we get back". We oppose gun possession and ownership. We always have annual budget "deficits" despite ever-increasing taxes. What funding we get for the "roads" we always complain about, and we blithely spend on pedestrian walkways and bike paths and traffic lights for illegal aliens who frequently walk and ride bikes, and for things like road landscaping and bike paths for young commuters, but mostly, we spend it quickly on expensive public transportation systems that (like our teachers and police and County employees) are always in need of "more". Then we complain that our traffic is "grid locked" and our roads and bridges are falling behind in maintenance "because" the state is somehow hostile to us and won't give us "enough" or "our fair share". We always have Bond Issues on our ballots that we are told "must be passed" or schools or roads will be closed. All of this, we believe, is the result of "mistreatment" and "animosity" by state politicians and rural bumpkins that are "bilking" us, and thereby making our lives less than ideal as they spend "our" money on "their" roads and schools.

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