Collapse of Civilization is Near

Excerpt:  Not wanting to be dismissed as someone whose issue has overcome them, I've always tried to explain in an academic, unemotional way what worldwide devastation abortion and population control are wreaking.But a report the United Nations Population Fund released three weeks ago has me so distraught I can't keep my affect flat. At this risk of sounding like a crazy person, I am driven to say I believe a civilizational collapse is near. Worse, I think it is too late to reverse. When this happens, abortion and population control will be major reasons why, alongside radical Islam. In fact, the three overlap and synergize one another.

I've thought this for a while, but what has me more distraught than ever is this UNFPA report, which estimates the shortage of Asian women is actually 163 million, approximately the entire population of U.S. women, more than double UNICEF's 2002 estimate of 74 million.

UNFPA has listed six countries with a "severe" gender imbalance: Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, India and South Korea; with Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam headed the same direction.

According to UNFPA, the "phenomenon … under way …

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