'Redacted' Pushes Leftwing Agenda

Excerpt:  Director Brian DePalma, who made his name making violent horror movies portraying the killing of women ("Dressed to Kill" and "Body Double"), has always been a gadfly on the left wing of the political spectrum. This can be seen in early movies like "Greetings" and "Hi, Mom!" to the more recent movie "Casualties of War" about American soldiers in Vietnam.With "Redacted," DePalma returns to his roots with a controversial left-wing movie about two despicable American soldiers in Iraq leading a raid to rape and murder a teenage Iraqi girl and her family. A third soldier wants to make his name in movies by video taping the act, which makes him morally culpable for it. A fourth soldier is bullied and intimated to do nothing to prevent the two soldiers from accomplishing their evil mission. Along the way, DePalma also shows one of the two soldiers at a checkpoint killing a pregnant woman and her baby being rushed to the hospital, the platoon's sergeant getting blown up by a bomb, and one of the soldiers getting decapitated in an act of revenge for the murders by an Iraqi shouting, "Allah is great!" At the end of the movie, DePalma shows real photos of dead Iraqi civilians under the cynical, ironic title "Collateral Damage," thus blaming America for all such deaths in Iraq. "Redacted" is a series of videotapes and faked news reports about these

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