Some Things Really Are Black and White

Excerpt:  Recent events remind me how much I dislike liars, cheaters and those who aspire to victimhood simply so they can cash in.To begin with, we have Ball State's ex-basketball coach, Ronny Thompson. Even if we discount allegations that he violated a number of NCAA rules, including illegal recruitment, when he resigned he had a record of 9-22. Now, it appears he's asking the university for additional money, alleging that he left because of racial hostility. Well, I don't happen to live in Muncie, Ind., but if there's one thing I do know it's that basketball is a religion in that state and, whether the coach is black, white, green or beige, any guy with a 9-22 record is going to find himself in a hostile environment. Heck, if Ball State was so racially intolerant, they wouldn't have given the ingrate a job in the first place, and they sure wouldn't have hired Billy Taylor, who just happens to be black, to replace him!

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