Where Have All the Faithful Gone?

Excerpt:  Last week, Georgia Gov. Sonny Purdue held a prayer vigil in front of the state Capitol to ask God for rain. The media had a field day. He was the subject of much ridicule and scorn – for a day. The next day it rained.It wasn't what folks in the South would call a "gully washer." However, the media coverage dried up a lot faster than the parched earth. This rain was not enough to end the drought that has plagued the Southern states, but Purdue expressed optimism: "Hopefully this is the beginning of more. It's a great affirmation of what we asked for."

The faithful kept right on praying and rain is expected throughout the region over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Rain in the Southeast will be a cause for celebration, not disappointment, this holiday; but what about giving thanks to God for this and all other blessings that have been bestowed on us as individuals and as a nation?

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