Supreme Court's Historic Opportunity to Restore Constitution

Excerpt:  "The decision by the Supreme Court to rule on the DC gun ban gives them an historic opportunity to return to the original meaning of the Second Amendment," said Gun Owners of America's executive director, Larry Pratt."The case, Heller v. D.C., resulted in nullification of the gun ban in the District of Columbia. Judge Laurence Silberman wrote the majority opinion for the DC Court of Appeals which decided that the DC law violated the individual right to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment. "Silberman's opinion was based on an extensive review of the historical record which makes it clear that the militia is a mandatory body comprised of all military-aged males who must own their own military weapons. He found that the 'state' referred to in the Second Amendment is a reference to society, not a political entity," Pratt said.

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