Tightening the Noose on Iran

Exerpt:  Al-Qaeda has suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq, and the Sunnis who were once allied with them now oppose them. We may be finally witnessing an historic change in a democratic Iraq that will have profound effects throughout the region. Democracy in the region, however, is not welcome by the leaders of Iran. In recent months, Iranian-supplied militias have been responsible for 70 percent of US casualties in Iraq. It is not surprising, therefore, that the focus of US military and diplomatic efforts in the region has now shifted to Iran. The problem with Iran is multifaceted. We need an Iran that doesn’t have the potential to build nukes, that doesn’t support terrorism, and that doesn’t destabilize Iraq. Iran’s influence extends to significant Shiite communities on the western shore of the Persian Gulf. Iran’s leaders could see the military weakness of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar as an opportunity to take control of the entire Gulf. If that happened, roughly one-quarter of the world’s oil-output would be under Tehran’s control. Read More