Muslims Resume Riots in France and Other Islamic Atrocities


Showing yet again that evil is alive and flourishing within the Muslim world, Muslim immigrants are causing additional mayhem on the streets of France. One of their favorite pastimes has been and continues to be the torching of vehicles. After three nights of Muslim “youth” rioting, their incendiary behaviors continued through Wednesday. Added has been the arson of homes and shooting of French police. Their patently exuberant and violent acts are being carried out in the suburbs of Paris and France’s southern city of Toulouse. Also included in the “youths” fun was setting fire to two libraries. As the world’s apologizing and appeasing leftists might say: “What a bunch of crazy kids!”

The riots are reported to have begun shortly after two teens, from a now largely Muslim immigrant area of the northern Paris suburb Villiers-le-Bel, ran through a red light and into a police car with their motorbike. The teens, who were not wearing helmets, died from their encounter with the car. Apparently, this was just the trigger needed for the other “youth” immigrants to renew riots in France!

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