The Disgrace of CNN's Nancy Grace

Excerpt: At the recent Democratic debate in Las Vegas, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer lobbed softball questions at Hillary Clinton. Then he allowed the audience to boo Hillary’s opponents – a callous breach of debate etiquette. And when it came time for the audience to grill the candidates, Blitzer deceptively introduced the questioners as “ordinary people, undecided voters.” Those voters included a former staffer for Democrat senator Harry Reid, a former director of the Arkansas Democratic Party, an official in a local union, and the president of the Islamic Society of Nevada. []

Yes, ordinary and undecided folks, every one of them.

But Wolf Blitzer isn’t the only CNN commentator to make a mockery of journalistic integrity.

When special prosecutor Nancy Grace won 100 felony cases in a row, she was riding the fast-track to legal notoriety. But in 1997 the Supreme Court of Georgia charged her with “inexcusable” actions that “demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness.” And eight years later her career came off the rails when the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded Grace had “played fast and loose” with ethical canons.

So Grace left Georgia and signed on as a commentator for Court TV. In 2006 Nancy again boarded the fast train when she struck a deal with CNN to anchor her own Nancy Grace Program.

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