When America Fired Freedom

Excerpt:  There was a mechanic who was so successful he had to hire someone to answer the phone and schedule appointments. His business prospered and his accountant recommended that he incorporate his business, which he did. Then came hard times. The board of directors, eager to cut costs, fired the mechanic who built the business. The business died.America may have done the same thing. Freedom – individual freedom – built this great nation. America prospered as no other nation in history had, because individuals were free to invest their time, energy and creativity into any venture they chose. Individuals were free to accumulate property and wealth – without government oversight or limitation. Individuals were free to pursue happiness any way they chose, and those who chose to infringe upon another's freedom were subject to pay damages as determined by a jury of their peers. America has fired freedom – the mechanic who built the prosperity in the first place.

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