America Speeding into 21st Century Without a Roadmap

Excerpt:  Last week, a British school teacher in Sudan suffered conviction and prison for naming a teddy bear "Muhammad." Local Muslims wanted to stone her to death for insulting their 6th century prophet. Riots broke out across Sudan. They carry 6th century mind-sets in a 21st century world. As in Iraq, any appearance of a republican form of government or rights for women won't be tolerated under Sharia Law.  Fast forward to America: Not one Muslim participated in forming the United States of America. But today, over 1,000 mosques rise into the skies over U.S. cities where 2.3 million Muslims colonize America with their religion and 6th century rituals such as female genital mutilation. A look toward Europe shows Islam infiltrating civilized nations like England, Belgium, France, and Holland - but then turns them into seething infernos of racial tension, ghettos, and riots.

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