Immigration Issue Reveals Arrogance of the Ruling Class

Excerpt:  Intermixed with Hillary Clinton’s many disparate stances on illegal immigration are the occasional, very revealing statements that say far more about her character in general than about her transient and flexible beliefs. In one recent statement, she expressed her surprise at the vehemence of real America in its opposition to the massive invasion of illegals.According to Hillary, such fiery opposition was nonexistent only seven or eight years ago which, incidentally was when she and her husband occupied the White House. So what brought about this change? Without missing a beat, she postulated that the reason is, of course, the worsening economy under President Bush, which has made Americans, when looking for jobs, feel competitive pressure from those who breached the border. No doubt Hillary was a bit off her game, since she was unable to bring Iraq, Guantanamo, or water boarding into the discussion. Yet from what she did say, two things are glaringly evident. First, she will not hesitate to offer a completely bogus and irrelevant analysis of any situation in hopes of gaining a political point or two. And secondly, she outwardly rejects and thus disparages the real reasons offered by those who are displaying their anger over this issue

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