Hillary Rodham: The Making of a Social Radical

Excerpt:  Most know that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s politics veer to the outer fringes of the radical left. But how many understand the reasons for her conversion from Goldwater conservative to cultural Marxist, and how this would play out during her controversial bid for the U.S. presidency? Comfortably ensconced in suburban Park Ridge, Ill., Hillary grew up under the tutelage of Hugh Rodham, a rock-ribbed conservative who was once described as “rougher than a corncob.” He taught her to throw a baseball and expected her to excel at school. Hillary’s brother Tony would later reveal, “She was Daddy’s girl, no doubt about it.”  During the 1964 presidential election, high school senior Rodham fashioned herself a Goldwater Girl, right down to the tasseled cowgirl outfit and hat with the AuH2O symbol. To the obvious delight of her father, she canvassed local neighborhoods in support of the Goldwater candidacy

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