Hopelessly Clouded Issues: The 'Clinton Effect'


It is disturbing to realize just how far the country has been dragged away from relevant campaign issues in recent weeks. Though on the run, militant Islamists have clearly not abandoned their plans for further attacks against our homeland. Ominous alliances are emerging among nations such as Russia and China, who share a common goal of achieving hegemony over the United States. As environmental extremists curtail domestic oil production, the increasing competition for foreign supplies drives U.S. energy costs through the roof.

Yet on what topics are the candidates flailing away at each other? In the cases of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton it is all about past relationships, and whose celebrity endorsement is more compelling than whose? America seems bewildered by the details of one sordid, albeit irrelevant presidential campaign “controversy” after another. Meanwhile, the real threats against our nation have not abated.

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