The Ferrous Doctrine: Just One Kook, That's All it Took

Excerpt:  Offendedness replaced baseball as our national pastime long ago, so what has happened in Allentown, Pennsylvania should come as no surprise. The local minor-league baseball team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, held a contest to name its new mascot. A controversy ensued because the winning entry, “PorkChop,” was deemed by an unidentified complainer to be racist. The team predictably reversed its decision, and then not-so-predictably renamed the mascot “Ferrous,” which means of, or relating to, iron. In a lame effort to validate this outcome, it claimed that the name Ferrous had been suggested by 235 entrants, whereas PorkChop had garnered a meager 32 votes by comparison. That tally could not be any less plausible if it had been verified by Jimmy Carter. For all we know, those 235 people are probably all dead, and residing in a vacant lot on the edge of town. Read More