The Star in the East Was Not a Spotlight

Excerpt: A couple of local news stories about the holiday season caught my eye recently. One involved shoppers who made their way to the local temple to needless avarice with a food court (more commonly called “the mall”) at midnight the day after Thanksgiving to start their holiday shopping. The other story dealt with a woman who had expensive holiday decorations in her yard demolished by unknown assailants. In both cases, the media treated the mad holiday buying rush and the putting up of holiday decorations that cost more than the Gross National Product of Paraguay to put up and run as “the holiday spirit.” As you might have figured out by now, my annual call for holiday season sanity is directed at the media. What you guys and gals have been pushing as “the holiday spirit” is anything but. In fact, aside from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that comes close to addressing the true holiday spirit. No, not even the “very special episode” of “Two And A Half Men” where Charlie Sheen’s character learns the true meaning of Christmas from three scantily clad Playboy Playmates representing the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Either that or the Ghosts of Blondes Past, Brunettes Present, and Redheads Future, I’m not sure which. But I do see Charlie’s incredible wit as he delivers his next line, “Ho ho ho"

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