Merry Christmas! : How Long Will We Let the Angry, Disaffected Control Us?

Excerpt: How long, how much farther, will we let an angry, disaffected, alienated, faithless few push us from our God-given liberty to express our joy and faith – whenever and wherever we choose? Has it not become insufferable, inexcusable, for any of us to feel cowed and almost forbidden by some notion of "political correctness" to even exclaim "Merry Christmas!" to shop clerks, airline stewardesses, delivery men, even passersby on the streets and in the stores? How long will we let this go on?

The latest brouhaha, claiming "lead-item" status on the news and talk shows, is a simple, warm and earnest Christmas greeting from presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. In 30 seconds, he guesses that folks want to enjoy the season without ever-present and clamorous campaign messages, so he offers a plain, old-fashioned "Merry Christmas" greeting. He notes that the day is meant to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus, a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy hearth and home, and a time of peace and love. And he wishes us all those very things.

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