Christmas Highlights the Precarious Nature of Religious Liberty

Excerpt:  It seems that the Christmas season brings out the hostility of atheists and secularists, the way a full moon attracts howling predators.  I was stunned to discover that the results of a survey in my local newspaper showed that about two-thirds of people preferred a “Merry Christmas” greeting to “Happy Holidays.”   Some of this response probably comes from recent publicity garnered by retailers who forbade their employees from saying “Merry Christmas,” out of fear of offending someone (have you ever wondered why retailers never fear offending the nation’s majority who claim to be Christians?).   On a local basis, some of the surprising solidarity is also due to a religious liberty issue that occurred in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Mayor allowed the head of the city council to place, at his own expense, a nativity on the premises of City Hall. Other groups were invited to place there own symbols with it to maintain the “constitutionality” of the display, but when a Wiccan wreath that appeared with the nativity was vandalized, it wasn’t replaced. A Madison, Wisconsin based christian suppressionist organization, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, filed a lawsuit, even though the display was taken down the day after Christmas. The city has solicited the help of The Alliance Defense Fund for legal representation.

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