Will the 2008 Elections Deliver More "Non-Solutions"?

Excerpt:  As the 2008 Campaign Season shifts from jockeying and publicity stunts to actual voting, it is all important to consider what America is likely to actually reap by electing any particular candidate. Honesty being a commodity of ever dwindling supply, it is dangerous to rely solely on the words of many candidates. All is not as it seems once the cameras and spotlights are turned off, or once the primary season is concluded.A couple of glaring recent examples, when considered in comparison to each other, tell the grim story. Washington is not about the business of the American people or, as the Declaration so eloquently puts it, securing the God-given rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Rather, it seeks to put a public face of mock concern and “compassion” on its increasingly self-serving endeavors. Read More