When Children are Targets of Rocket Attacks

Excerpt:  Imagine what life would be like living in a U.S. border town such as San Diego or Detroit, and every single day terrorists from Mexico or Canada, respectively, would indiscriminately launch one, two, five, 10 or even 50 short-range rockets at your home, office or your children's school, causing death and destruction. Imagine having to wake up each day and waiting for your bus, not at a bus stop, but inside a bomb shelter. Imagine being afraid to take a shower, go for a walk or to play in the park with your children. Imagine if you sent your kids to school every day and weren't totally certain they would return home safe and sound. For the residents of Sderot, a town in southern Israel located just a mile away from the Gaza Strip, these scenarios are not an imagination, but a reality. Read More