Separation of Hollywood and State

Excerpt:  With so many Hollywood celebrities jumping on the various presidential bandwagons, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell where politics leaves off and show business begins. This being the movie awards season, one sort of expects the politicians to return the favor by announcing their support of, say, George Clooney or Johnny Depp for the Oscar.When I read recently that Robin Wright was divorcing Sean Penn after 11 years of marriage, I was hoping she would attribute the split not to the usual irreconcilable differences, but to irreconcilable differences of opinion. I mean, if I were the judge and Mrs. Penn testified that she'd finally had her fill of Sean's going on like a besotted teenager about how cool Hugo Chavez is, I'd be happy to give her custody of the kids and 100 percent of the community property, including the Oscar he should never have won for his hammy over-the-top performance in "Mystic River." Read More