McCain, Clintons Reveal Political Parties Ugly Undersides

Excerpt: Irrespective of all the in-depth political analysis that deals far too specifically with each candidate’s professed policies and appeal to voters, the bulk of this campaign season is primarily being driven on both sides by pragmatism born of fear. The base of each party is currently motivated not by any inspired support for one or more of its own candidates, but always and only out of a dread of how the country might suffer at the hands of the candidate from the opposing party. And the situation has remained in this dismal mode since the onset of the ‘08 campaign.

While enthusiastically accepting empty platitudes as promises from both Obama and Hillary of “change” for the future, their respective supporters lean less on any particular contrast in ideology or political agenda (since no such contrast actually exists), and are instead motivated merely by who seems to have the best chance of keeping the Republican candidate out of office. And across the aisle, the field of Republicans is behaving in a disturbingly similar manner.

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