Damn You, Sam I Am: Our Bellies, Our Choice

Excerpt:  In the Dr. Seuss story Green Eggs and Ham, a nosy little runt named Sam I Am stalks a man who’s done him no harm, and, for reasons never explained, incessantly demands that he eat green eggs and ham. In the end, the man gives in, and finds that he loves the discolored vittles – or at least pretends to, in hopes of being left alone. A happier ending would have been for that other man, being so much bigger than Sam I Am, to just turn around and beat the phlegm out of him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do that; but then, neither do we. The Sam I Ams of the world demand control of our eating habits, and we don’t even take out a restraining order, let alone actually fight back. A relatively small group of emaciated curd-eaters has got the robust, carnivorous American majority bullied, to the point that we’ll eat their green goo, in hopes that they’ll be satisfied and leave us in peace. Well, they won’t Read More