We've Been Here Before

Excerpt:  By Ken Marrero 

Bill Hobbs doesn’t seem to think there’s much to worry about. He says

Calm down. We’ve been here before. This is what a Republican primary is all about - letting Republicans, including its big financial donors, its grassroots activists, its social conservatives, economic conservatives and security conservatives, sort through the field and pick a nominee. And often that nominee is someone who is not fully acceptable to one group or another.


The nominee may not fully agree with me - or with many Republicans - on immigration or taxes or social issues or foreign policy, but there are some things I can know with certainty about our eventual nominee: President McRomabee will make a better president than either Sen. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, will be better on the war and taxes and social issues than Clinton or Obama, and will nominate better judges for the federal courts than either Clinton or Obama would.

That’s why, no matter who is the nominee, on Nov. 4 I - and millions of Republicans nationwide whose preferred candidate did not get the nomination - will stand at the voting machine and push the button for the Republican nominee.

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