McCain Supporters Undermine his Candidacy

Excerpt:  With the brazen assistance of establishment Republicans, the McCain juggernaut advances, with his lock on the party’s nomination now all but certain. However, navigating the general election will be an entirely different matter. Ironically, aside from the candidate himself and his past record (whenever the media gets around to talking about it), the greatest threat to a McCain Victory is none other than McCain’s staunchest and loudest supporters.It is worth noting that the upcoming Olympic games in China are in the news on account of Chinese demands that visiting athletes pledge not to say anything critical of the “host” nation. Fundamentally flawed regimes, no matter how small or large, are acutely sensitive to the fact that the greatest danger they face is the freely spoken word. Their fragile facades of strength and cohesion can only be maintained in an environment where real scrutiny is prohibited. Read More