Obama's Disturbing Africentrism

Excerpt: By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown Barack Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, which he has attended since 1991, has some very unique and disturbing ideas and beliefs. It is a self-proclaimed Africentric Christian church, which means its members embrace their connection with Africa, and its teachings are centered on all things African and African culture. This is the church where Obama converted to the Christian faith, and it has now grown to over 5,000 members. The mainstream media have ignored discussing this important influence on the presumptive Democratic nominee. It needs a full examination.

Africentric beliefs place an emphasis on identifying African presence in the Bible. The church offers classes in Swahili, and it has youth programs for young men and women, Intonjane and Isuthu, Swahili words for entering manhood and womanhood. Kwanzaa, the African-focused holiday created in the 1960s is observed by congregants along with a Thanksgiving Day service called Umoja Karamu. This special service tells the story of the black family starting from its West African origins to present day using drums, storytelling and dancing.

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