What's New is Getting Old Again: Liberal Fascism

Excerpt:  New Media Alliance - Conservatives are losing the war for a sustainable and impactful voice in the new media That is not to say it is lost, far from it; But the winds of a truly free, fair and open media environment are not blowing so swiftly anymore and I fear that too many of us are just sitting back and enjoying the breeze. Why do I say this? After all we have Rush, Fox News…”The new media is our domain!”

Wrong. It was our domain. And while it is comforting to know that Rush is indeed still out there, it is also true that the newest frontiers of the new media are being predominated by a more organized, better funded and energized left; Both at the grass roots level and by the corporate media. Indeed, the integration of new and traditional media with all its corporate might and preexisting biases (http://www.mrc.org/biasbasics/pdf/BiasBasics.pdf) is rendering the “new” indistinguishable from the “old.”

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