They Will Get Fooled Again (Socialism's False Messiah)

Excerpt:  The late Christian philosopher and apologist Francis Schaeffer was once asked by a colleague which cultural trend he feared most looking toward the future. Without hesitation, Schaeffer replied "statism." Our presidential campaign thus far has shown us that Schaeffer's concerns from yesteryear were anything but indulgence in paranoia.

The democratic front runner, Barack Obama, has garnered much political capital on a vague platform template of "change." His swooning crowds of admirers reflexively applauding, or even fainting, at his every statement and gesture. Obama's campaign has been so emotionally hypnotic, that Schaeffer's son Frank is gushing giddily about supporting Barack with his heart. What candidate of the opposition party has ever offered anything unique to the theme of change?

What this "change" really connotes, amounts to more government programs, and increased dependence on government, resulting in greater learned helplessness by individual citizens. Read More