Spitzer, Kilpatrick, and the Road to Perdition

Excerpt: I, like all Americans and now the world, was stunned at the sensational scandal that broke on the front pages of the New York Times on Monday. I asked myself the question, "How could a man of such towering stature, talent, position, privilege and power throw it all away for a prostitute?" I answered myself: "None of those attributes have anything to do with morality" – and there is the rub. Since I was in the midst of writing my mid-week column about the crisis of leadership in Detroit, it became irresistible to me to do a comparative analysis of New York's egomaniac governor, Eliot Spitzer, and Detroit's pathological mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, who incidentally delivered his "State of the City" address Tuesday.

I could have saved "America's first hip-hop mayor" a lot of time and money on speechwriters and his audience the inconvenience of trudging out in the cold and snow by writing the speech for him using just six words: Hey yo, Dog? – Detroit is screwed!

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